WOBO wallet NO OTHER wallet or money clip can do this!
Gift Card (Sent via Email within 12 hrs of purchase)

Gift Card (Sent via Email within 12 hrs of purchase)

Give the gift of a WOBO and let them pick their favorite!!!  

There is nothing to ship.  Upon purchasing the Gift Card, you will receive an email with a PDF, which includes the coupon code they'll use to get their new WOBO!   You can print the PDF and give as a gift or, simply attach it to an email and send it to the recipient yourself.     The PDF will contain all of the content you see in the 2 images here (steps to redeem, who the gift is from, and the coupon code).  

Note:  Each Coupon code is good for One (1) WOBO + Free shipping.  It can be used only 1 time, so be careful not to share it with anyone other than the intended gift recipient.  Once used, it will not work a 2nd time.  

- the WOBO crew

Free Shipping!
Person 'giving' the gift card as a gift