• Gift Card (Emailed as PDF on same day!)

    Free Shipping!
    Person 'giving' the gift card as a gift

    Give the gift of a WOBO and let them pick their favorite!!!  

    There is nothing to ship.  Upon purchasing the Gift Card, you will receive an email with a PDF, which includes the coupon code they'll use to get their new WOBO!   You can print the PDF and give as a gift or, simply attach it to an email and send it to the recipient yourself.     The PDF will contain all of the content you see in the 2 images here (steps to redeem, who the gift is from, and the coupon code).  

    Note:  Each Coupon code is good for One (1) WOBO.  It can be used only 1 time, so be careful not to share it with anyone other than the intended gift recipient.  Once used, it will not work a 2nd time.  

    - the WOBO crew